Frequently Asked Questions


One of the first things on our to-do list is to move furniture, pictures, and switch plates. Any area of the floor near a wall to be painted is carefully covered in heavy tarps to prevent splatters.

We replace all of these items to their original position once the work is complete.

Our schedule is typically planned two months in advance. We are occasionally able to accommodate customers sooner if our schedule allows. 

It is a good idea to plan painting projects in advance so we can easily fit you onto our schedule. 

Every home is different, and we offer free estimates to all of our customers. During our onsite visit, we can determine the scope of work needed and length of time it will take. 

Our goal is always to cause as little disruption to your household as possible.

Some of our customers prioritize the painting of closets and cabinets due to wear and tear. 

When we meet you can let us know what items you would like included in the job, and what you wouldn't.

Our paints are low VOC and safe for children and pets. If you have concerns, you can request special products with even less VOC's than their counterparts.

There is no need to leave your property during the time the work is being completed.

Some of our clients like to move particularly fragile items themselves. Regardless, we will move any furniture or wall fixtures that are in the job area to a safe place before beginning work.

It is best to move small items from atop furniture prior to our arrival.

We will move pictures and artwork prior to starting work. The nail holes will be patched upon request, however people often place the pictures back in the same place eliminating the need to do this.

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