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Fine Touch Painting is experienced in industrial coatings, chemical and abrasive resistant products, and special cleaning processes. We tackle industrial painting jobs with speed, safety, and efficiency. This proves cost effective for our customers and we highly value these long-term clients. 

We travel up to 90 miles from Williamsport, Pennsylvania for our industrial painting clients. Read on to learn more about the types of projects we work on.

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Types of Industrial Painting Performed

Storage Tanks, Silos, Exhaust Silencers

storage tank painting

This exhaust silencer (pictured) at a natural gas sub station was rusting due to damage. We used a high temp zinc coating to cover damage caused during shipping. The work was performed while the substation was active, following all safety precautions and schedules.

Fine Touch Painting is certified to use aerial lifts, which are frequently needed while painting holding tanks or silos. We can provide the lift if one is not available at your facility.

Tanks are sprayed or rolled, depending upon your preference, using industrial grade oil, epoxy or latex products. The surface is either sandblasted, or prepped with hand tools or using a power washer. Brass wire wheels or hand tools are used for prep work near fire hazards and LEL meters are utilized.

Railway Car Painting

The interior of railway cars are painted with three days of downtime. If the car requires sandblasting, this adds an additional two days to the project.

Airduct ventilation is always used when working with flammable paint to ensure safety. This type of project can be sprayed or rolled, depending upon your preference. 

Structural Steel Painting

Both new and old structural steel can be painted, even if it is located on the exterior of the facility. Sometimes, structural steel is corroded by moisture or chemicals and is in need of a facelift. 

Fine Touch Painting industrial painters carefully select the best product to stop rust and prevent future corrosion for the job. Generally, this is an oil based paint or an epoxy.

Depending upon the location of the structural steel, and the level of corrosion, we will sand blast or utilize hand tools to prep the material for paint.

Safety Markings

Our familiarity with safety markings, particularly colors and placements, makes Fine Touch Painting an excellent contractor for safety marking painting. We offer  painting of floor safety lines, product staging dividers, handrails and kickboards, and fall prevention safety markings.

Epoxy coating for floor lines can be covered with forklift ramps. Production does not need to stop during drying time.

Additionally, Fine Touch Painting can place safety markings for handwashing, eyewash stations, and showers. Fire, gas, and electrical safety marking all require various symbols and indicators we are experienced with.

Chemical Resistant Coatings

floor coatings

Many facilities require coatings to protect metals and concrete from corrosion. Fine Touch Painting utilizes specially formulated products that will stand up to these harsh conditions with a long lasting coating.

Most often, chemical resistant coatings are requested to protect structural steel and piping. Brick, cinder block, and even wood can be protected.

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